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Doping  endangers athlete health and the integrity of our sport. In that regard, WADA serves as the independent international body responsible for coordinating and monitoring the global fight against doping in sport. This procedure is done in all major sports and is being introduced to irish blackball for the 1st time. For any Player who takes the test and the result is positive, this can lead to a lifetime ban from our sport

WADA promote health, fairness and equality for athletes worldwide by working to ensure harmonized, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs at the international level, and at the national level through there stakeholder relationships, with regard to detection, deterrence and prevention of doping.

WADA is a unique partnership between the Sport Movement and Governments of the world. This partnership serves as a force multiplier, permitting the combination and complementing of Sports' and Governments' respective resources and assets, and results in a coordinated and cohesive approach to anti-doping.

This partnership also highlights the fact that if WADA are to succeed in the fight for clean sport, then everyone who has a stake in sports value to the development of young people, and the health of everyone who is inspired by or aspires to athletic achievement has an important role to play in our collective endeavour.  

The sad reality is there is still an enormous amount of work to be done. Doping continues to occur, and it rapidly changes. There are athletes who are still lured by the glory of winning at all costs. And there are members of the athlete entourage still motivated to profit from an athletes' doping while risking little themselves.

WADA are on a mission, but they cannot get there without the dedicated support and collaboration of all stakeholders. Many of the resources within there Web site are directed to those organizations and individuals who have a stake in the fight for clean sport. On behalf of clean athletes around the globe, WADA would like to thank you for your interest and continued support.

Please click here for informational  WADA Video

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