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Hi all,
The following were elected onto the Committee for the season 09/10.

Chairperson:   Stan Jordan.

Secretary:        Kevin Byrne

Treasurer:        Billy Flood 

Committee Members

Linda Kirwan, and Aidan Nolan.
League Structure (Dublin Leagues only).
The league format has being changed, each match will consist of 10 frames, 2 sets of 5.
Teams can bring up to 2 players back in from the first 5 frames, players can only play once
in a set of 5, players can play back to back (i.e. 5th & 6th)
Players will be awarded 1 point for each frame won on match night.
Under no circumstances will walkovers be allowed in future, disciplinary action will be taken against
any team who fails to turn up for their match without giving the required notice (24hrs) and a valid reason.
The Secretary must be notified first of all matters regarding league & cup matches, under no circumstances
will matches be postponed, rearranged, or otherwise changed without the permission of the League Secretary.
Result Cards.
With the new points system it's more important than ever for team captains to fill in all details on the result
cards especially the players frame wins, place a tick in the box beside the player who wins the frame.
If there's no tick beside the players name then no point will be awarded to the player, its up to both team captains to make sure that the cards are correctly marked and signed.
It was agreed that the results cards would be left into Murphys Bar Dominic St every 4th week when the Lotto payments are due, we hope all teams will comply with this request otherwise the Committee will be forced to take sanctions against the defaulters, your co-operation in this would be very much appreciated.
Unfortunately because of a few individuals within our sport, our game has been brought into disrepute lately regarding
the use of drugs and the practice of gambling on our competitions by people participating in our games.
Let nobody be under any illusions that these practices will not be tolerated in the future, measures are being introduced (random drug tests on players) to eradicate this from our games, and any of our members found to be guilty of drug taking
or gambling within our games will be expelled from our sport for life, that's how seriously we view this situation. Please
click here for more information on W.A.D.A. (World Anti Doping Agency)

Rules for Blackball Matches.

(1)     Away team to be given the match table at 8.45pm for 15 mins practice.

(2)     All matches to start at 9pm with names of first 5 players on the board.

(3)     Both teams names to be written down in secret, then put on the board together.

(4)     Teams arriving late (after 9pm) will forfeit 1 frame every 15 mins unless a satisfactory
        explanation is given to the other team Capt.

(5)     Referees must implement the 1 minute rule in all frames i.e. call time on 30 seconds,
        player then has a further 30 seconds to shoot.

(6)     Each league match will be played over 10 frames, 2 sets of 5, 1 point for each frame.

(7)     Home team to Referee the first frame, and away team to do the clock, then alternate.

(7)     Place a tick beside the winner of each frame otherwise the points will not be awarded.

(8)     Teams can bring up to 2 players back in from the first 5 players.

(9)     Home team must phone or text result immediately after match to 087-6999189.

(10)    Each player must sign 3 result cards before playing their match.
    1 for each team captain and 1 to be given to the League Division Secretary.

(11)    Cup matches will be played over 9 frames i.e. first to 5 wins, 1 set of 5 & 1 set of 4.    
        Teams can bring 1 player back in from the first 5 in cup matches.

(12)    Result cards must be filled in with all details and signed by both team Capts.

(13)    Home Team Capt. is responsible for returning match result card to the League Division
        Secretary in Murphys Bar on Sunday Mornings

Click here for SUPERLEAGUE Fixtures and results.



 Edited By Stephen Carroll/Irishpoolplayers.com




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