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Number one Xmas Present for Sports Fans


We've teamed up with the snooker legends tour to bring you the best price on tickets and the best seats for the IRELAND V ENGLAND legends match in Goffs arena Co Kildare.
Team Ireland Ken Doherty, Denis Taylor, Joe Swail, and Fergal o Brien. Team England, Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Reanne Evans and Ali Carter
Session times 1pm and 7pm December 29th and 1pm and 6pm December 30th 2014
Standard ticket €30 and VIP pre match meet and greet champagne drinks €100.
For 10% discount and best seats, send an email to info@snookerlegends.co.uk.



Cue Sport Challenge Matches


Q-Sports Academy is starting to arrange “MONEY CHALLENGE MATCHES” in the club if anyone is interested played in the following Cue-Sport games listed below.......

The 8-Ball Pool (reds & yellows) can be organised for either Blackball Rules or World Rules.........


American 8-Ball


10- Ball


The lowest amount of money match arranged will be £100 per player.....

We will nominate sections from time to time from a list of players who have played in either of the following tours which are Ireland's 32 County 8-Ball Pool Tour and Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour as well as club players........

A match can be arranged with any player as these sections are only picked by the club but might not be right with some people.......

We’re taking names from the following sections listed below with no names advertised or any debate taking place until all matches are confirmed through the club either by email or telephone........

Daryl Beattie, Tristan Byrne, Ronnie Boyle, Mark McDonald, Paul Corrigan, Brian Curtis, Sean Donnelly, Paudraig Flannigan, Billy Gorman, Benny Hamilton, Mark Moore, Gareth Kirwin, Dermot Hegarty, Sean Sharkey, Collett Hendrikson, Stephen Johnson, Kevin Levell, Wayne Lewis, Eamon Lynch, Shane Mallon, Connor McAleer, Conrad McCann, Philem Mc Clafferty, David Moore, Declan McConville, Niall McDaid, Davy McGurn, Mark Stockton, Liam McVeigh, Benny Quinn, Sean McVeigh, Cieran Muldon, Paul Rennicks, Tony Mulhern, Robert Roche, Michelle Rooney, Niall Sweeney, Cieran Summerville, Paul Tierney, Mark Ward, Peadar Teague, Eamon Crawford, Brian Doherty, Kyle Barkley, Peter O’Hanlon........

John McMahon, Ronan Fay, Brendan Mc Donagh, Chris Beattie, Willie Eakin, Lee Hull, Billy Moore, Sean Hoey, Daniel Gorman, Manny Byrne, Damien Corrigan, Barry Hough, Ryan Craig, Brian Crilly, Barry Dempsey, Gerald Elliman, Gavin Geraghty, Alan McBennett, Cathal McElrean, Emmett McGuire, Adam McMackin, Niall McMenamin, Ben McMoran, Richard Comkisky, Mark Nugent, Mathew O’Hara, Dwayne Timlin, Raymond Baxter. 

AMERICAN 8-BALL, 9BALL 10BALL SECTION: ------------ (No Handicaps)
Mark Mc Donald, Barry Hough, Damien Corrigan, Paul Corrigan, Gareth Deegan, Gerald Elliman, Daniel Gorman, Gary Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Paul Tierney, Fred Dinsmore, Paul Bonner, Brendan McDermott, Michael McLoughlin, Ronan Fay, Ben McMoran, Coilean Massey, Declan Hough, Stephen Dempsey, Brendan McDonagh, Shaun Ingram.

AMERICAN 8-BALL, 9-BALL 10-BALL SECTION: ------------ (No Handicaps)
Billy Gorman, Sean Judge, Tony Mulhern, Daryl Beattie, Carl Martin, Barry Cunningham, Lee Booth, Michael Brandly, Lesley Walsh, Paul O’Leary, Enda Ennis, Jason Clerkin, Jack Rock, Declan McConville, Liam McVeigh, Stephen Bennett, Declan O’Reilly, Kevin Pugh, Steven Quinn, Niall Sweeney, Nathan Todd, Brian Heraghty, Olly Haden, Christy Kivleman, Aiden Finnerty.

If anyone has a player in mind from the list or any other player that’s not listed please contact me either by phone or email to set-up the challenge with no information advertised until matches are confirmed in full.......

TEL: 07917887147
EMAIL: rballsports@yahoo.co.uk


Irish Lift World title

Karl O'Donoghue Vs Garrett Hibbot,

scrappy frame with both players missing chances to take a lead for there country, Donoghue manages to scrape the frame. 1 nil to ireland

Next in is David mcquillan vs John roe, McQuillan breaks and the white flies off the table giving Roe 2visits and an open table, the reds are sitting like ducks on the pockets, Roe clears up using his 2 shots on the black as shots carry.

Robert Brady vs Jordan Church in the 3rd frame. Church breaks off and takes yellows and controls the frame, Brady calls on all his experience to get himself back into the frame by playing a fantastic snooker to control the middle pocket. church fouls and brady is in prime position but looses the control of the white with 3 balls left, the frame gets really scrappy and church pulls out to great shots with his last 2 yellows left and drops a simple black into the middle for 2-1 england.

Frame 4 Robert Mulcahy vs Neil toms.
The Limerick machine smacks the pack and clears the table in about 50seconds. class finish 2-2

Frame 5 Ronan Fay vs Lee Kendall 
Kendall breaks off and immediately starts to tie the frame up, little does he know Ronan likes a tactical battle and after 10mins of messing around with kendall, Fay gets his chance and doesn't look back, completely out fox's the fox. 3-2 Ireland

Frame 6 ben Flack vs Simon Fitsmaurice
Simon breaks off and chooses reds, he has 3 tough reds tied up and goes for game from the start (showing a bit of nerves) simon clears up 5 reds and there is nothing he can do with the last 2, Flack just ties him up for a few shots and extracts a deliberate foul from simon. Flack takes out a relatively easy finish. 3-3

Frame 7. Barry Hough vs Ian Hubbard.
Hubbard breaks and is looking good for a break and dish, he tracks his last yellow to the middle poorly and it rattles in the jaws of the pocket from coming across the nap of the cloth, Barry's reds are sitting nicely around the table but wants to make sure of the frame and lead going into the break and decides to land the snooker to get the 2shots. wise choice as Hubbard gets out of the snooker clearing the pocket and potting the white. Barry wastes no time in clearing all 7 reds but leaves a tricky black to the middle but is equal to the challenge. 4-3 Ireland and into the break.

Frame 8. Karl O'Donoghue vs John Roe.
Karl breaks off and is looking more confident now whatever was said at the break helps him as he takes control of the frame quickly and ties up Roe, Karl gets back to the table and mops up his reds and knocks in a good black to give Ireland a 2 frame lead. 5-3 Ireland

Frame 9. David mcQuillan vs Ben Flack
Hibbot breaks dry and Mcquillan races to the table knocking in 4yellows and tries to take 2more off the side cushion with potting his 3rd last yellow. He doesnt get into the white ball enough and misses hitting the balls on the cushion and runs into no mans land. frame gets scrappy as Flack eventually extracts 2 shots from McQuillan. Flack clears up to make it 5-4 in irelands favour.

Frame 10. Robert Brady vs Neil Toms
This has to be the scrappiest frame by far, alot of missed chances from both players and too much respect from each other, Neil misses a straight forward black and brady does his best to pot the white in the middle off his last ball and barely lands on the black. brady will find the winning lottery ticket after this frame. 6-4 Team ireland

Frame 11. Robert Mulcahy vs garreth Hibbott.
Potter vs Potter in this frame. Robbie is buzzing aftre his first frame and feels like he can pot anything, normally he can but under these circumstances its completely different, he takes on one ball too many and lets Church in from a bad snatch, Church doesn't hesitate to clear up. 6-5 Ireland

Frame 12. Ronan Fay vs Chris Gill.
Ronan with the break here and he smashes the pack wide open and takes the reds, one red has gone to the bottom cushion from the break and he attacks it straight away and is a little unlucky, plays a thin cut on another red to the bottom pocket and recovers position lovely. has 2 reds left with the black on the side cushion also, he pots 1 red into the middle and gets a bad rub so plays safe. Gill snookers him and fay pushes the red up the table, Gill tries to snooker again but fails miserably. Fay knocks in  a screamer of a red and stuns across for the black but snookers himself behind a yellow, he comes off the top cushion and hangs the black. Gill misses his shot and leaves a tap in for Fay. 7-5 Ireland are on the hill.

Frame 13. Simon Fitsmaurice vs lee Kendall.

Lee breaks off and once again he looks to turn it tactical. Simon seems to have settled down now as his shots are more positive and accurate, he takes control of a top pocket where Kendall has 2 yellows while simon only has 3 reds left. lee tries to completely cover the red that is on the pocket to stop simon going for the game. Simon pushes another red up to the pocket and disturbs the yellows forcing Kendall to go for it. He has lft room though for a yellow to pass, kendall plays it with pace and the red goes into another pocket, foul 2 visits to simon( no combo shot allowed in world rules) the white comes down the table and Simon is sitting pretty on the reds. he rolls his 2nd last red into the top pocket and lands perfect on the last one. He is looking good for frame and match if he can hold himself together. He drops the last yellow into the middle and runs around off 2 cushions for the black. He rolls the black on and off the cushion with his first shot but has to be careful now with his waist-coat getting close to fouling a yellow. he calls for the rest and takes time to steady himself and sweetly rolls the black into the bottom pocket, and the Irish crowd erupt in the audience with players jumping over to grab him. 

Ireland have done it detroning England who won it 14 times out of 19 and Ireland have now won it twice 2006 and again in 2011 under the same manager the one and only John Magee.
Congratulations Team Ireland 2011 World Pool Champions

Report By Colm Mcevoy



Pool Coaching for all Levels


 Entry form

PJ Nolan, Ireland's national snooker coach, has teamed up with the IPA to develop a coaching programme suitable for all players. PJ and the IPA have kindly agreed that the coaching material can be made accessible to all blackball players. PJ will be available at some of the IPA tournaments throughout the year to offer individual coaching sessions (contact John McMahon on 0868211302 for further information). For more information on PJ Nolan, visit www.pjnolanschampionsacademy.com/. These coaching workbooks can be downloaded below.


Academy Introduction
Successful Pool

2010 Coaching Manual

These manuals are a brief guide on how to improve your Shot Approach, Bridge Hand, Stance, Grip, Cue Action, Using The Rest and the controlling the Cue Ball as well as improving your approach to your practice sessions and developing concentration.


County Level

County Level - Master Class 1
County Level - Master Class 2

These manuals are a brief guide on how to improve your Shot Approach, Bridge Hand, Stance, Grip, Cue Action, Using The Rest and the controlling the Cue Ball as well as improving your approach to your practice sessions and developing concentration.

International Level
International Level - Master Class 1

International Level - Master Class 2


World title for Irish

Irelands under 23 Blackball team repeated history by winning the World Championships in Limoges, France. Ireland beat South Africa in a thrilling final 13-11.

Wayne Neeson, David Joyce, Robert Warren, Tyson Price, David Carrie and Aaron Sheridan took home the World championship trophy and gold medals managed by Stephen Carroll.

Winners 2 years previous against The South Africans, Aaron Sheridan went on to say " we needed to prove that our last win in South Africa was no fluke and thats what we did" . The Irish went through the whole competition unbeaten.

Also the boys in green took home the World speed pool title for the 2nd consecutive tournament. Wayne Neeson got the team off to a flyer with a fast and powerful  1st frame, Then in went tyson price with the boys going further ahead. Robbie Warren was up next and flew through his round giving Aaron Sheridan nearly a table ahead to put a bit of fun into it and do press ups before slotting home the black for another Irish world title.

Under 23
                                                                         P    W   L   D   F          A                                  PTS
1T3154Southern Ireland550073 52 21 4116
2T3151Scotland541079 46 33 3416
3T3153France532068 57 11 2312
4T3150South Africa523060 65 -5 828
5T3155Morocco514060 65 -5 047
6T3152Catalonia505035 90 -55 111
Under 23 Individual Stats
                                                                                                P           W    L       
1SHE004Aarron Sheridan (Southern Ireland)252520501400020
2CAM014Stievie Campbell (Scotland)252517801100017
3AMI004Amine Amiri (Morocco)252517801000017
4NEE001Wayne Neeson (Southern Ireland)242415911600015
5FER013Ross Fernie (Scotland)232315811010015
6VIV006Dimitri Vivier (France)202015501000015
7JUL004Jason Julies (South Africa)252514112900014
8ANI002Elhamday Aniss (France)

Well done boys you did Ireland proud.


1st Honorary Award

The Pool Players Association of Ireland (www.irishpoolplayers.com) celebrated its 1st birthday last week and with that gave away its 1st honorary award to Martin and Betty Kirwan. Martin and Betty have contributed more than 30 years to the game of pool. They have helped young kids come from beginner pool players to world champions, that is some achievement. The amount of work they do for pool is remarkable, from running pool academys in Ballymun for junior pool players to running seasoned pool tours for the Irish Blackball Association. I seen it for myself when i was away playing in the UK  the amount of work that Martin put into the game on an international level. As i could not be there due to work commitments i could not present the award, So i would like to thank Jim Mccabe (pictured above) for presenting the award to them. I would like to thank Martin and Betty for accepting the award and i wish them more than another 30years in the game.

On behalf of all the Pool Players.

Stephen Carroll

W.A.D.A (World Anti Doping Agency)

The I.B.A (Irish blackball Association) have announced that at all future Irish Blackball Pool events there will be anti doping tests on players. This will insure pool players will have a fundamental right to participate in a doping-free sport.

Doping  endangers athlete health and the integrity of our sport. In that regard, WADA serves as the independent international body responsible for coordinating and monitoring the global fight against doping in sport. This procedure is done in all major sports and is being introduced to Irish Blackball for the 1st time. For any player who takes the test and the result is positive, this can lead to a lifetime ban from our sport.

WADA promote health, fairness and equality for athletes worldwide by working to ensure harmonized, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs at the international level, and at the national level through there stakeholder relationships, with regard to detection, deterrence and prevention of doping.

WADA is a unique partnership between the Sport Movement and Governments of the world. This partnership serves as a force multiplier, permitting the combination and complementing of Sports' and Governments' respective resources and assets, and results in a coordinated and cohesive approach to anti-doping.

This partnership also highlights the fact that if WADA are to succeed in the fight for clean sport, then everyone who has a stake in sports value to the development of young people, and the health of everyone who is inspired by or aspires to athletic achievement has an important role to play in our collective endeavour.  

The sad reality is there is still an enormous amount of work to be done. Doping continues to occur, and it rapidly changes. There are athletes who are still lured by the glory of winning at all costs. And there are members of the athlete entourage still motivated to profit from an athletes' doping while risking little themselves.

WADA are on a mission, but they cannot get there without the dedicated support and collaboration of all stakeholders. Many of the resources within there Web site are directed to those organizations and individuals who have a stake in the fight for clean sport. On behalf of clean athletes around the globe, WADA would like to thank you for your interest and continued support.

Please click here for informational  WADA Video

Edited by Stephen Carroll

Irish Blackball News
To view the final of the Blackball event 5 between Graham Baitson and Stephen Dempsey click here


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